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“A Typical Wedding”

 I guess there’s really no such thing as a “typical” Wedding these days, so it’s important to hire a DJ that is experienced with all the different ways you can plan and execute a Wedding. There are also a lot of moving parts to a Wedding and sometimes things get a bit stressful, but with some planning and the right vendors on your team you can definitely avoid a whole lot of headaches. Below I break down each part of the day, and what goes into keeping everything on track.

The First Meeting, Set Up & Arrival, The Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Introductions & First Dances, Dinner & Toasts, Dancing, Bouquet Garter & Cake Cutting.

The First Meeting

I think meeting with you is just as important as you meeting with me. DJing a Wedding is basically a performance, and it’s very important for me to understand exactly what you’re looking for. There are a lot of things I like to take into consideration when it comes to putting my performance together. Things like the amount of guests you have coming, the age and backgrounds of your guests, what sort of music you do and don’t want to hear, the theme and colors of your Wedding, if you’re having an intimate and conservative night, or a wild one that would put the best clubs to shame. I don’t plan to just show up, make a few announcements, and play songs off your request list in the order you wrote them down. I want to create an atmosphere for your guests to experience. One that compliments your venue, your decorations, and your personalities. No two people are the same so why should any two performances be?

Because I have a lot of experience in the industry I’ve seen what works, and what does not. So, something I like to do at our initial meeting is to write out a rough idea of what your timeline will look like. And I don’t mean a broad timeline that just highlights ceremony, cocktail, and reception. I mean a more in-depth schedule of how your formalities will play out back to back (things like Introductions, First Dances, Parent Dances, Toasts, Cake Cutting, etc). We will combine your ideas and preferences with my experience and expertise. This will give you a good idea of how everything will play out, and usually comes in handy down the road in your planning process.

Set-Up & Arrival

I’d like to start by sharing a philosophy of mine that I pass down to any DJ that joins our team. “Even though it might not be your fault, it’s still your problem”.

The Ceremony

Cocktail Hour

Introductions & First Dances

Toasts & Dinner


Bouquet Garter & Cake Cutting

Final thoughts