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My name is Chase, but when i’m on the tables they call me DJ Turn Up (well, I call myself DJ Turn Up). Deciding what to write for this introduction paragraph was tough, what are the most important things to mention to an upcoming bride, or to a student booking a DJ for their prom? I could mention I’ve been DJing for 11 years, or that I’m the owner and operator of two other DJ companies. I could mention I’ve DJ’d for the Kardashians, or that I’ve performed at over 2,000 events. But there are no good ways to list attributes like that without sounding cocky (see what I did there). So in order to write the perfect introduction I decided to check out some other DJ’s websites. What I found was odd, most other companies went out of their way to say they will provide you with a “well trained DJ” or will give you “top of the line equipment with thousands of songs” - isn’t that the point? A DJ should be able to walk into any party, with or without a provided set-list, and blow your guests away. A DJ should be able to read any crowd and know exactly what direction to take the music, referencing years of their own experience in order to deliver the absolute best possible mix. No two events are ever the same, so how could any experience be the same? The mix of music should be as unique as the group of people dancing to it. Understanding how events work is also crucial, and being trained as an event coordinator helps me understand how your night should play out, and what needs to happen in order to make it flow properly. A DJ controls the music and the direction of events, so in a way they set the entire vibe and pace of your party. I don’t just stand in the corner of your party and press ‘play’ (unless you want me to). I will take all aspects of my performance and all of your details into consideration in order to create an experience for your friends, your family, and for you to never forget.



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“Your Party Relies on Your DJ… the Choice is Yours”

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How Does this Work?

The booking process is simple. Reach out if you have questions, want to book, or would you like to check availability. Then if you like what I have to offer, we can set up a meeting in person (I come to you), or we can do everything over email. To secure my services we have a simple one-page contract to sign, and require a 25% deposit to hold the date. The deposit comes out of your total, and your remaining balance is due the night of the event (unless you choose to pay it off prior).



“Chase made my wedding happen perfectly!” - Teisha H.

“Chase was our DJ for our wedding and he was so awesome. Once the music started, no one left the dance floor until the party was over.” - Crissy L.

“Everything Chase did for my wedding was perfect.” - Carlos P.

“Almost ever guest said that was the best wedding they've ever been to…” - Michelle R.

“I cannot say enough how happy I am we used Turn It Up Deejays. We had them for our senior prom and it was a great experience from start to finish.” - Farrell R.

‘Wow, wow, wow! Best wedding ever! My daughter got married in Costa Rica last night. The resort could not give us a name of dj by mid February so I was nervous. I googled " DJ's in Guanacaste, Costa Rica" and Chase's company came up. He is from Hobe Sound and we live in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. He flew to Costa Rica, got a hotel, did the wedding with two friends and NOBODY ever came off the dance floor.'‘ - Pam T.


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“Your Party Relies on Your DJ… The Choice is Yours”

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