Getting married is an exciting, beautiful, and nerve racking experience.  It's also pretty expensive, and may result in a few gray hairs (no offense to the gray haired people out there).  Anyway, finding the right entertainment is difficult.  So many options, so many price ranges, and a whole lot of the same pitch.  That being said we don't want to waste anymore of your time 'setting the hook'.  If you're just interested in our prices click the button above, if you'd like to know more about our approach to weddings then keep on reading. 

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Where to start?

We are not going to tell you why we are better than other DJ companies, or why you may be able to save a few dollars with us, but instead how we are different.  Choosing the perfect DJ shouldn't be based off a small price difference or flashy advertising, those things won't give you a flawless night.  You should choose your DJ based off the feel of the company, and their reputation.  We will walk with you through the entire process, and the entire night.

In this multi-billion dollar industry ($53.4 billion) it's hard to find a company that genuinely cares about your wedding.  Unfortunately most people are here for the price tag attached to this industry,  the money of course keeps our company running, but we understand one very important concept.  We want you to genuinely enjoy your night, and not worry about us.

The right company is important...

We understand to some the DJ is not the most important part of the night, and to others they are.  Either way, you need a reliable company capable of handling the responsibility of your wedding.  Your wedding is the second most important moment in your life, the first being the moment you met the person you've decided to spend your life with.  The build up of your beautiful relationship all comes down to the moment you say "I do".  Let's just hope the batteries on the wireless mic don't die at this moment, or your DJ doesn't play the wrong first dance song.  There are so many variables going on as your night progresses, and a lot of room for error. 

Making your wedding a perfect reflection of  your vision requires a personal meeting with your DJ.  This will allow us to gauge exactly what direction to take your night and what type of personality you'd like us to reflect in our performance, this night is about you not us.  It is equally as important for you to meet us as well, so you know we are the right match for you and your family.  During this meeting we will help you put together a timeline and flow of your night combining your preference with our suggestion.  This meeting of course can be set up at no obligation on your part, and we come to you.  Set up the meeting at your home, the nearest Starbucks, or your favorite place to grab a drink.   


We want you to focus on remembering the smile on her face, not when you're supposed to cut the cake. 

Your DJ will not only stay in touch with you throughout the entire process leading up to the big day, but will also keep the timeline we put together on track.   Even if you have a day-of wedding coordinator we will make sure all aspects of the night come together perfectly.   Your DJ will read your crowd tastefully playing music for all ages and demographics while keeping everyone engaged, and on the dance floor at the same time. You focus on enjoying yourself, we will work to create a seamless flow of events.