It’s Time to Get Lit

We hear all the time from students and teachers that HoCo and Prom DJs are never too exciting, or that the DJ was too “old” and didn’t play any good music. All of our DJs are between the ages of 20 and 29, and they are trained in all styles of music. Most of our DJs play in clubs in their free time, so you know the music and transitions are on point. Our DJs are also trained to hook your crowd and take them on a musical adventure - Mixing those nostalgic sing-along throwbacks you forgot about and dropping them into today’s Top 40, you might feel like you’re at a music festival, and that’s what we are going for. We have spent a lot of time perfecting this performance, blow your classmates away with an event that is fully “turnt”. We didn’t name ourselves ‘Turn it Up’ Deejays for no reason.

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How to book?


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Then what?

Our Event Manager will reach out within a reasonable amount of time and introduce himself. He will be your point of contact up until the day of the party. He will provide you with a link to answer some (optional) more specific questions about your party. This allows us to choose the best DJ from our team for your party. Then, closer to the big day he will provide you with your DJ’s contact information (so you know who you’re working with) you can then call, text, or meet your DJ if you’d like to.

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