I love to meet everyone I work with, in fact I think it’s important to be comfortable and trust who you’re hiring as your DJ. No matter how well you plan, Weddings end up being pretty stressful and tend to have a lot of moving parts. Plus, meeting in person allows me to get a good idea of what your perfect day looks like.

I like to tailor my performance to match your expectations, taking all details into consideration like; your color theme, the amount of guests attending, your preferences in music, the nationalities of your guests, etc. It’s also important for me to understand what type of “vibe” you’re looking for, are you looking for something laid back, something conservative, are you going to be partying and drinking heavily, are you trying to be low-key because this is your second marriage, do you want the night to be tight and on time at the beginning then loosen up and party the night away once the sun sets? No matter what your answers are….

Like I mentioned previously I’ve DJ’d over 300 Weddings, and have planned a whole bunch more than that. This gives me a lot of experience and insight when it comes to putting one together. And I’m not saying I want to take control of your Wedding or plan the whole thing, but at the end of the day it’s important for me and you to be on the same page with expectations. At our meeting I would like to put together a rough draft of your timeline, combining your preferences with our expertise. This will give you an idea of how your night is going to play out, and will be a good starting point for you to make future adjustments. No two people are the same, so why should any two events be handled the same?