Three words... turn. it. up!

Planning an event is as exciting as it is stressful.  It can also pretty expensive, and may result in a few gray hairs (no offense to the gray haired people out there).  Anyway, finding the right entertainment is difficult.  So many options, so many price ranges, and a whole lot of the same pitch.  That being said we don't want to waste anymore of your time 'setting the hook'.  If you're just interested in our prices click the button above, if you'd like to know more about our approach to events then keep on reading. 

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Your party relies on your dj...

Whether you are planning a corporate event, a community fundraiser, or just having a house party.  One thing is important above all else.  Hire a great DJ that can keep your floor packed, and your night on track.  However, all too often we hear stories about how the DJ was boring, or didn't play the music the guests really wanted to hear.  Our DJs are between the ages of 20-30, but with years of formal event experience you get the perfect combination of energy and formality.  Our DJs are always learning new and old music from the 50s to today's Top 50, and everything in between. 

In this industry you need a trustworthy and well established company to handle all aspects of your event.  Similarly to how a bad DJ can ruin a party, a Photographer showing up late, or a Photobooth never showing up can also ruin an event.  Don't let the success of such an important night ride on a Groupon deal (no offense Groupon).  Here at TIU Deejays we have established sister companies with other services in this industry to help bring you the best of everything.  And because we own these other companies, we can offer you some extremely enticing package deals.  From DJs to Photographers, and Photobooths to Dancers.

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What's next?

We wanted to make sure the booking process was as easy as possible.  We understand what it's like to have a busy schedule, and we know your time is valuable.  So we can set up a meeting where our DJ will come to you, on a date and time that works perfectly for you.  We can meet at your home, a local Starbucks, or Panera.  Whether you want to meet at 9pm on a Monday evening, or 11am on Sunday morning we can make it happen.  The meeting will give you a feel for the DJ, and the ability for our DJ and you to lay out an idea of how your party will flow and what type of music you'd like to hear.  Or of course we can go over everything right over the phone.