Happy birthday!

Your birthday is an exciting, beautiful, and nerve racking experience.  It's also pretty expensive, and may result in a few gray hairs (no offense to the gray haired people out there).  Anyway, finding the right entertainment is difficult.  So many options, so many price ranges, and a whole lot of the same pitch.  That being said we don't want to waste anymore of your time 'setting the hook'.  If you're just interested in our prices click the button above, if you'd like to know more about our approach to birthdays then keep on reading. 


your party relies on your dj...

Birthdays come once a year, but your Sweet 16, Quince, Mitzvah, or 21st only happen once in a lifetime.  Don't leave such an important night in the hands of a company that has the most flashy advertising, or the best deals.  Leave your night in the hands of a company that will bring your party to life, from the lighting to the music.  We are not going to tell you why we are better than other DJ companies, or how you can save a few dollars with us.  Instead we are going to tell you how we are different than other DJ companies.

Imagine showing up to your party and you have a 40 year old DJ that is doing his best to play today's hits (no offense mom).  This DJ is simply going to look up a Top 40 music chart online and play that list in order, he doesn't know what songs work back to back, or what songs bring the most energy.  Our DJs are all under the age of 30, with extensive training in all aspects of the performance.  Trained in music from the 50s to Today's Top 40, Hip/ Hop, Rap, EDM, Spanish, Country, Alternative, Pop, etc.  Trained as professional MCs, so your introductions and timeline are executed perfectly.  Our DJs are the perfect storm of energy and professionalism.  In their free time if they aren't DJing a Wedding or a Party, our DJs are spinning in clubs, perfecting their ability to transition between songs and learning what the next hottest songs will be.  Our company has worked with people or places like; Pitbull, Chino Y Nacho, The Spanish Music Awards, The Kardashians, Art Basel Miami, Clematis St. WPB, Bahama Celebration Cruise Lines, Michael Jackson's Choreographer, America's Got Talent, and recently won a World Dance Competition.  We live and breathe this industry, we can bring everything we have learned in our years of experience and travel, to your party's dance floor. 

More than just a dj!

We understand to some the DJ is the most important part of the party, and we agree.  Your DJ is responsible for keeping your night on track, and keeping your dance floor packed.  We can completely customize your experience to match your vision of the night.  If you want a 'lit' party with Top 40 music and Hip Hop, mixed together like a club, we can do that.  If you want Top 40 and Pop mixed with some Spanish and Throw Backs, we can do that.  If you want to keep the adults dancing at the same time as the kids, our DJs can do that too.

Making your party a perfect reflection of  your vision requires a personal meeting with your DJ.  This will allow us to gauge exactly what direction to take your night and what type of personality you'd like us to reflect in our performance.  It is equally as important for you to meet us as well, so you know we are the right match for you, your friends, and your family.  During this meeting we will help you put together a timeline and flow of your night combining your preference with our suggestion.  This meeting of course can be set up at no obligation on your part, and we come to you.  Set up the meeting at your home, or the nearest Starbucks.   
We want you to focus on enjoying yourself, not worrying about when to cut the cake. 

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Your DJ will not only stay in touch with you throughout the entire process leading up to the big day, but will also keep the timeline we put together on track.   Even if you have a day-of coordinator we will make sure all aspects of the night come together perfectly.  Your DJ will read your crowd tastefully playing music for all ages and demographics, while keeping everyone engaged and on the dance floor. You focus on enjoying yourself, we will work to create a seamless flow of events. 

There are a lot of entertainment companies that will promise a perfect party, but very few that can give you a night to remember.