What Makes us Different?

The entertainment industry has a very attractive price tag attached to it.  In fact the wedding industry alone is worth about $53.4 billion.  These type of numbers attract people who see a potential dollar sign and they create a Photobooth or DJ company just to earn their share.  We call these DJs "Out of the box DJs".

Our DJs are among the best in the industry, as they must go through countless hours of training across multiple categories.  Our DJs must know how to develop and execute a timeline for any type of event, and work around any obstacles that are thrown their way.  Our DJs are well versed in music from the 50s to today's Top 40 any everything in between.  Our DJs know how to execute a formal introduction and pronounce names correctly.  Our DJs are always striving to become the perfect entertainer.  In fact we like to say our DJs were "Forged from the fires of entertainment and musicality". 

What Exactly Do We Do?

Our DJs stretch far beyond simply playing music at an event.  When you first set up a meeting with us, we will explain how your night should flow and combine your vision of the night with our expertise.  Our DJ will then keep that timeline on track throughout your event, and act like a day-of coordinator.  Reminding you of what formality is coming up next, and live suggestions as the event unfolds.  Our DJs will also act a host, controlling and directing your guests as you see fit.  Making announcements as simple as "dinner is served" and as complicated as a full introduction.   When it comes to the music our DJs are top notch, and have perfected the ability to read a crowd.   Our DJ should be able to show up to your event, read your crowd, and piece together the perfect set.  Each song will fit to the next like a puzzle piece, taking countless factors into consideration.  Creating a seamless flow of perfect music, resulting in a packed dance floor.

What is an Expert DJ?

If you've shopped through our pricing you might have noticed a difference between a regular DJ and an Expert DJ.  There are some very simple differences that will take your party to the next level.  To start, our Basic DJs are equivalent if not better than any other well established DJs out there.  Meaning your experience will not suffer if you do no choose the Expert option.  Our Expert DJs are something this industry has yet to see, and what makes us so unique.  Our Expert DJs live and breathe this industry. With years more of experience than other DJs, and thousands of gigs under their belt... there is literally no circumstance that will create a less than stellar performance.  These DJs have not only been trained in how to bring your event to the next level, but how to go behind the scenes and stop things from potentially occurring before they ruin the party.  Taking all other vendors into consideration, they will balance all aspects of the night leaving you with the most flawless and stress free event of a lifetime.